Sunday, October 22, 2006

Getting job

In our new topic for the on-line newspaper we (group 2) will be looking at what role does license play in getting a job. We fist looked at what jobs are out there that need a vaild drivers license and if they were satisfiying in terms of the pay. We first looked at the people who work in the taxi industry and whether they need to have a license to work as a driver. We didn`t have any set questions that we asked the drivers because we not sure that they would allow us to ask them the questions in the first place.

Our reason for doing or choosing this topic is because of the high rate of accidents on the roads of South Africa and how did employers feel when it is one of their employees who are involved in these road accidents or the hi-jackings that have shot sky high.

Onwe of my group mates had interviewed someone who had used his license to get a job while I interviewed some taxi drives and other companies that stated that having a license was a huge requierment, while the member of my group interviwed someone else .

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Where is it coming from?

Recently the cabinert has said that R74 million will be set aside to combet crime in South Africa, this is a good thing becauce crime is a major issue in South Africa. The main thing on everyones mind is where is the money coming from?, because cars, property is also been donated to the law enforcment of South Africa. R5 million of the funds is our tax money, at least we know that our money is doing something that will benefit us for a change.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stupid Robbers

Two armed robbers in Umlazi injured security guards just to get away with empty cash boxes. This raises the question is the crime worth to hurt two innocent men just for empty cash boxes? One of the guards was shot five times and is in a very serious condition. Is the status of the country so bad that we have to hurt each other for nothing? Maybe this should be wake up call for the police to better their standards to fighting crime.

Zuma strikes back on media

Former Deputy President of South Africa Jacob Zuma slams the world of media that they have already sentanced him gulty even before the court had past down the judgement on his corruption trail. Now that Zuma is a free man tha question on everyone's lips is will he succeed the current President Thabo Mbeki and will he make a come bake into the world of politcs. The NPA was of course not happy with the ruling but they will have to live with it. The question now is will Zuma presidential campaign have a bad image on our country.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dyantyi vs Zille

In the past few days Richard Dyantyi, a representitive of the ANC has enbarked on a missiopn to take away the power that was given to Cape Town mayor Helen Zille. Dyantyi wants to see more people who are not of the DA party on the committee seats of Cape Town. Dyantyi believes that the seats on the committee should be given to the parties who have the power to represent the councile and in his opinion that would be the ANC and this would result in the current mayor Helen Zille been strip[ed of her power.

President Mbeki speaks out

South African President Mbeki has spoken out about why so many people in Africa are staving and he blames the rich countries for not helping out. In the Millennium Summit held in September 2000, it was agreed that the leaders in the UN would help to cut down on poverty and Aids in Africa by 2015, but this is not the case according to the South African leader who seems to be very upset about the rise of povety in Africa. There has been some speculation that some of the rich countries might be to blame for this status of these poor countries

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bush at war

We all know that today is the fifth tear since the bombing of the Twin Towers and almost 3000 people lost their lives. People in the United States still blame their leader Goerge W. Bush for the atteck on them We only can say Rest in Peace to all those poeple who lost their lives they had nothing to do with the war and yet they where the victims of it. On you can read on how the leader of the United States will be spending his day on this day